The Syllabus Exchange Platform


In collaboration with the Center for Humanities and Social Change Berlin, the Program in Critical Theory at Northwestern University Chicago, and the International Consortium of Critical Theory Programs, we invite all scholars to contribute their syllbi to this collection, which will serve to pluralize teaching in the field of critical theory(s). The list of categories by which the submitted syllabi will be organized is intended as an initial guide and will be gradually expanded and adapted. The project is inspired by a number of similar initiatives, such as the APA Inclusivity Syllabus Collection (, but has a clear focus on teaching in German-speaking countries.

How does it work?

You can upload your syllabus via this link. By doing so, you agree that the syllabus may be shared under the Creative Commons License. We will then check whether your syllabus fit the criteria of the sharing platform, after which they will first be published here on the website. A comment function allows others to make additional suggestions and comments on your syllabus. Twice a year, syllabi are archived and made available through the Northwestern University Library Archives. The archive is searchable and keyworded.

Does my syllabus fit the criteria?

We are primarily looking for syllabi that feature voices that are usually underrepresented in German-language critical theory syllabi: Theorists of color, thinkers from the global south, women, LGBTQI* theorists. In other words, the important for us is not the topic of the seminar, but how the topic is treated in the syllabus. It is not necessary that the whole seminar is made up of marginalized authors; the decisive factor is that the seminar plan can serve as an inspiration and impulse for other teachers when designing their own courses. Non-German syllabi are also welcome. We appreciate references to European and local struggles and debates.


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